Welcome to Cruiseability.

We offer a unique and boutique cruising operation creating outdoor fun for everyone including the elderly and physically challenged to enjoy. We welcome you on board.

Through this web site we aim to open the doors to the Port of Newcastle and its history, with its unique Stockton Sand Pit bird conservation area. Explore the harbour history and learn about the disappearing town on Ash Island.

There are no limits to finding out what nature has to offer on the water. 

Boating allows participants to enjoy the freedom of movement and independence - whether it’s a lazy afternoon on the harbour, the sunshine and wind in your face, or watching the wildlife from the water and the dolphins by the boat, the salty smells of the harbour, interaction brings it all to life. Improving health and wellbeing, growing in self-confidence, reconnecting with the community by reducing social isolation are just some of the many benefits..

Cruising on our unique charter service will bring a smile from ear to ear and really brighten anyone's day!  Watching the mighty ships and powerful tugs as they work endlessly in the harbour.  It's simply a wonderful experience for individuals of all disabilities and age groups. There is always something to see in the active Port of Newcastle. Yes, we are wheelchair friendly!


About Us


Crown Mary Ellen lll has a past of helping those in trouble.

She was built in Taree by Steber International, a leader in Australian boat manufacturing since 1947 and launched in the Manning River at Taree in 2000..

The vessel is 10.40m long and 4.0m wide and has a small galley, toilet facilities and wash basin as well as a big picnic table on artificial turf under a canopy for shade and protection from the elements. Fully accessible safe boarding platform board and side gate are also incorporated in the user-friendly layout.


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The Cruiseability package

It will bring on a smile from ear to ear and really brighten your day to be in the great outdoors. Watching the mighty ships and powerful tugs as they work endlessly in the harbour.  It's simply a wonderful experience forindividuals of all disabilities and age groups. There is always something to see in the active Port of Newcastle. 

High Tea on the sea

Morning tea on the harbour, take in the sea air and explore the world’s leading coal export port.  Passengers will be greeted by the best views of Newcastle’s working waterfront.

Jonah will talk you through the action as 300m long bulk carriers pass by, with crew scurrying the decks to get ready for the daunting task of mooring or heading out to sea. Watch tugboats at work, dragging and pushing the big vessels and pilot boats blasting past in a hurry to aid the captains on board with navigating their ships through the harbour

Bird watching charters

Why not enjoy a morning or afternoon tea on the harbour experiencing and observing the amazing bird life diversity that exists on our harbour shores.  

Cormorants catch fish by swimming and diving in the ocean, harbour and rock pools. They perch on the rock platforms or bollards, opening their wings and sunning themselves to dry their feathers and digest their latest seafood platter.

Just north of Stockton Bridge, is a bird watching haven. At Stockton sandspit you’ll find masses of long-legged shore birds – often hundreds at a time – gathering and feeding in the mangrove-ringed mud flats of the Hunter River estuary. 

Ash Island Historical Cruise

The farming community suffered from periodic flooding, minor ones about every seven years and major ones every 50 years, including a very destructive flood in 1897. Humpies, known as “wino weekenders”  used to line the river bank with their protruding rickety jetties, but they were taken out to sea by the devastating flood of 1955, which put Ash Island under two metres of water. 

The NSW Government resumed the land for industrial development. In the meantime the land was leased to farmers to run beef cattle. By the late 1980’s uncontrolled grazing and limited land improvement the site degraded rapidly, the industrial development never eventuated

Harbour Fishability Cruise

For those of all ages and abilities who love to chuck a line in, or tell the story of the big one that got away, this is for you. A disability shouldn’t be a barrier to being able to enjoy such a great opportunity on the waves and in the sunshine. All trips are weather pending for your enjoyment.


Broughton Island transfers

Note: There is no wheelchair access on the island

Crown Mary Ellen lll is also available for Broughton Island transfers and pickups to the Myall Lakes National Park at Broughton Island. We know this beautiful area extremely well and can arrange longer overnight stays on request.

Little Poverty Beach, Broughton Island, is accessed by vessel only from Newcastle Harbour or Port Stephens, hence the operational prices and schedules may vary accordingly.